Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Bonhoeffer Weekend 4/27-4/28

What would I have done? That is the question that haunts people of faith who study the rise of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. St. Ansgar is hosting a weekend of events to promote the study and appreciation of Lutheran martyr, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran pastor whose faith led him to the resistance movement. After a failed attempt to assassinate Hitler, Bonhoeffer was imprisoned. He continued to write, and his letters from prison are among the most cherished of his works. Although Bonhoeffer was hanged in a concentration camp and did not live to see Liberation, his courage, theological convictions, and struggles speak to us today. 

All events during Bonhoeffer Weekend are free and open to the public. Scroll down for details about Friday's movie night, Saturday's presentation and panel discussion, and Sunday's guest preacher. There is something for everyone's interest and schedule. Please join us!

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David A. Bühler, Ph.D. said...

Dear Pr. Bill, Thank you for holding this event! I am sure it will be wonderful. Unfortunately it conflicts with a couple other NES events, and I need to be in Worcester the day of Cliff's lecture. He is one of our real treasures in this Synod.

Dave Bühler, Providence College